Advantages and disadvantages of using Aptoide


As known to many, especially those who have read our other posts on the application, Aptoide is an indie or alternative Android application completely free. Before preparing your own application on Google Play but apparently the giant did not like the way as you did the competition and now has a website from which you can download without problems.

One of the most important advantages Aptoide is that you have many applications that are not available in Google Play, so you can find both exclusive games like app . Furthermore, the quality of the applications is exepcional Aptoide , like you get at the official store of Google .

aptoide 2
Another advantage it has is that the repositories , ie places where applications are stored , can be of the same developers who designed , which is always a plus to correct errors, to communicate with users and have a easy to expose new and interesting projects and users can enjoy.

We have a third advantage in Aptoide fact that there is no region lock for applications , so from anywhere in the world can access all applications that contain the repositories you have added to the app .

Another advantage is safety , because we can use only the safest repositories that we know and that gives us a guarantee that the app are beningnas and work well.

Besides , unlike Google , does not make us automatically update apps , but let us decide how and when to update .

Finally , we have your simple and easy to install and use on other platforms counterpart indies applications . Also we do not need to be root to have it and install the applications from the store .

And now for the disadvantages , which are not many , actually just found one. It is the fact of having to search repositories to access the applications it can be a handicap if you is not having to search for anything. And ultimately that in some repositories may have a little less security than giving us Google Play.

No more I left wishing that this article will serve to decide whether log in this excellent app store and independent games.