How and why to install Aptoide


This website is the most suitable if you want to have all the applications and games that is the most fun and profit, free. And thanks to the Aptoide app you can download all the applications you want without spending a dime.

We all know that the app market is huge with thousands and thousands of applications, and certainly no slouch Aptoide with 60,000 applications completely free download. This does not make any unfair addition to the developer but rather in its favor, this is a true indie market where developers put the fruit of your effort so you can enjoy it. In addition, for more than a year of Aptoide app has a much more intuitive and with a completely adapted to the user having a user experience of the application of simplicity and speed, with many more app available, the ability to share games and applications that you like using Facebook and Twitter, and of course always with a view aa nice design. Since then, versions have been to improve things like downloading, speed and security of the app. Once it becomes clear what it is and why we should download Aptoide, we show you how to easily install it on your device.

Install Aptoide

    1. The first thing to do is download the APK file enforcement officer in our tablet and smartphone. Right here is a link for download: Aptoide 4.1.3 installer.
    2. After downloading the file, we need only turn to our notification bar, the download folder or search our open file explorer and clicking on the file. In case you do not let us install it for being an unknown application, we go to the Settings / Setup and enable the option to install applications from unknown sources. But we do not install any application will not appear in Google Play.
    3. Open the APK and click on Install in a few minutes we will have available this great repository of applications that harvest growing in popularity and success in the network.

Hope you have been helpful this post, if you have any problems with the installation do not hesitate to leave a comment and we will try to help you.