Jotter English


Today we are going to show an excellent free application for taking notes. You have a huge amount of utilities and features, but its clarity and ease of operation make it certainly one of the best apps in the market right now.

Keeping Note Jotter Lite is an app that lets you take notes quickly and manage , edit and save them into each other to as many levels as you want . This function and keep notes on other infinite ways is a hallmark characteristic of the application and one of its highlights with HOLO style appearance .

Special mention deserves your careful interface as comfortable as cool and also customizable. We may change the background colors to black and white or source of several bright colors that blend perfectly with any color background. We can also change the font size that is most comfortable for us to read. So we have a lot of air design that does everything but overwhelm its user.

jotter-beautiful-notekeeping-1-1-s-307x512 copia
Another function , basic but always interesting is that we have notifications . However, these reports are not available in the free version but the pro app , which you can access reminders for notes, passwords to protect your notes from prying eyes , alert and comfortable for our desktop widget that shows the last notes we have created or edited.

As for its use , is completely intuitive to work with simple gestures and also has perfect fluidity , which is always useful for those who have your smartphone get busy or who do not have a high-end device . We have a menu at the top of the screen with the basic options : create , edit, delete and adjustments.

We definitely have to a very useful app , especially for those who like to take notes of their ideas are not forgotten or simply clueless people who have a tendency to forget some things often .

This app is available for Android phones with version 3.0 and higher, so almost everyone can enjoy it at our terminals.