Top 5 repositories for Aptoide


As you know by other publications, Aptoide is an Android market for alternative or indie, whichever you prefer to call it. It is one of the most popular competitors thanks to Google Play fildelización polícticas of developers and continues to keep going strong. However sometimes you can have some mishaps, one of which has to do with the different repositories that have the application.

This growing number of repositories makes available updates are very important for us to have the latest version of the app game we’re looking for. However, not always the case, there are repositories created by developers or users who have a tendency to upgrade right away and others who are most abandoned. That’s why we brought you this post today, to help them get the free apps of the best repositories and never lose an update or have a modified copy of the application you want on your Android device, whether tablet or smartphone. If you want some general advice, it’s just that the repositories where there are more and more app downloads have are generally in which we trust. Here you have a list of the best 4 unofficial repositories:


These stores or repositories have in their account 5.75 million downloads every week , at least. The first place in the Top 5 is occupied of course the official repository Aptoide , as well as having twice as downloads, have security systems much more advanced than we find in unofficial . Finally , we leave you a brief tutorial for those who do not know how to add new repositories to your Aptoide : To add a repository in our version of Aptoide have to go to the Available option and click on it. Then we will see different stores , but usually only have the default official store . Therefore we must look for the button Add shop there and put the URL of the repository you want to add. Once we added the best thing is to click on the Merge option to store them all active at the same time.

aptoide 2

Download Aptoide : Aptoide 4.1.3 installer.

We hope that you might help this post and do not miss any of the we publish each day free applications and games , especially if they have to do with this independent , in